What's your favorite NFT project?

Stefan Smiljkovic
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My first one was CryptoKitties back in ~2017/18, I got a few, but nothing to serious. I also remember the CryptoPunks, which lowest price now is ~$300k. Now, through all of the notice and hype, I didn't care about any NFT project, until I found MekaVerse, which looks so great. Sneakpeak: Website: https://www.themekaverse.com/ What is your favorite one?


Mari (https://twitter.com/MadMaraca) is doing some wonderfull work with her CryptoCities.
Imran Khan
I am building a NoCode Tool to help anyone build and launch their own NFT stores with few mouse clicks for free. I am looking to interview people who wish to launch their own NFT marketplaces. It's sort of like Webflow for building your own NFT store. If it sounds interesting let's get on a 15 min call https://calendly.com/ikhan77727/...