What's your favorite e-sign tool and some cool workflow hacks?

Chandramouli Dorai
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Today, the majority of us work from home and it is difficult for us to use a printer-scanner-mailing to get our documents signed. Which e-sign tool do you use and why? And some cool workflow hacks you can share with the community.


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https://www.docusign.fr/ is the one I'm using but I haven't take the time to review alternative (just started using it because I had to sign one document with it).
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@fabian_maume Thank you, Fabian :)
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I recommend an android application - https://play.google.com/store/ap...
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@aswin_mohanan Thank you, Aswin :)
Hi, I am new at here.
Hi, I have used lots of e-sign tools but none of them is my favorite. By the way, I am thinking about starting a new company in dissertation help services, where we can provide the best help to students. Hope I will get lots of success in it.
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@carol_owen All the best, Carol!
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I've used Signaturit and it is very easy and simple to use: https://www.signaturit.com/elect...