What's your favorite e-sign tool and some cool workflow hacks?

Chandramouli Dorai
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Today, the majority of us work from home and it is difficult for us to use a printer-scanner-mailing to get our documents signed. Which e-sign tool do you use and why? And some cool workflow hacks you can share with the community.


Fabian Maume
https://www.docusign.fr/ is the one I'm using but I haven't take the time to review alternative (just started using it because I had to sign one document with it).
Carol Owen
Hi, I have used lots of e-sign tools but none of them is my favorite. By the way, I am thinking about starting a new company in dissertation help services, where we can provide the best help to students. Hope I will get lots of success in it.
Juanjo Fernández
I've used Signaturit and it is very easy and simple to use: https://www.signaturit.com/elect...
Sheila Byrns
My preferred e-sign tool is DocuSign, as its intuitive interface and robust features streamline document signing. To enhance workflow efficiency, I've discovered some cool hacks like integrating Zapier to automate repetitive tasks. Another valuable tool I've recently come across is the Corrugated Box Flexo Printing Machine from Pinlong Machinery, which significantly improves packaging processes. Check it out click here for innovative solutions in corrugated box printing.