Governments are taking down apps based on data security and privacy. Your thoughts?

Chandramouli Dorai
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Taking down an app (Didi, PUBG, etc) based on data security and privacy is becoming common worldwide now. Of course, there are other reasons behind these actions. Just wish, tech companies also need some kind of protection or advance notice in scenarios like this. As a maker, please share your thoughts and concerns.


Gleb Braverman
This is very disturbing
Chandramouli Dorai
@gleb_braverman : Yes, Gleb. As a founder, what do you think? Something like a makers' consortium to protect private companies would help? :)
Amar Kanagaraj
I recognize the complex landscape of data security and privacy that tech companies navigate today. 🌍 The action of governments taking down apps like Didi, PUBG, etc., for data security and privacy concerns, underscores the critical importance of these issues in our digital society. I believe that while national security and user privacy are paramount, a balanced approach is necessary. Tech companies, especially startups and independent app developers, thrive on innovation and agility, but they also require a stable regulatory environment to operate effectively. 🚀 It's crucial for there to be transparent and fair regulatory frameworks. Advance notices or clear guidelines on data security and privacy can help tech companies adapt and comply without facing abrupt operational disruptions. 📜 Such measures not only protect the interests of businesses but also ensure user data is handled responsibly, fostering trust in the digital ecosystem. As a maker in the tech industry, it's our responsibility to prioritize user data privacy and security from the outset. At, we advocate for privacy-by-design and continuously adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape. However, there's also a need for dialogue between tech companies and regulators to create policies that safeguard user interests while nurturing technological innovation. 🤝 In summary, while government actions on app takedowns highlight serious concerns, a collaborative approach between regulators and tech companies could lead to more sustainable solutions that balance user protection with technological progress. 🌐🔐