What's your fav web browser?

Sharath Kuruganty
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There are a lot of options in the market but what's your pick!Bonus points if you say why :)


Neel Sarode
Sidekick has to be my favorite
Stefan Smiljkovic
I know there are great browsers are out there like Firefox, Brave, etc. But ~6-7 years ago, I decided to move from Firefox to Chrome. Honestly, right now this moment can't remember my reasons, but I just decided to move fully there, even I still have Firefox installed. Even I am on Chrome still, it doesn't mean it's the best browser for sure. We all know it resource-hungry, and it's by naughty Google 🕵️‍♀️. Since my business a lot depends on Google products, I decided to stay with Chrome. A have a lot of Chrome Extension using it daily and very hard to live without it, and I am not sure would they work the same on other browsers. Didn't do research, even I know that Brave is built on Chromium, and might be able to work. Also my project https://automatio.co currently heavily depends on the Chrome browser, since the part of Automatio is a Chrome Extension. I like the philosophy of Brave, ad blocking, earning, privacy by default will definitely explore in the future. Actually, I used brave in 2017/2018 I think when they launched their ICO. It looked like one rare and real project among thousands of other shitty/scammy ICO projects.
sachin londhe
Safari because of ease of use and speed compared to Google Chrome.
Gabriele Sangrigoli
Chrome of course! I used edge just to download chrome Second place goes to brave just because I get crypto and no ads :)
Jesse Haywood
I prefer Safari, but because our organization relies heavily on Google products, I use Chrome during the work day.
Arda Helvacılar
Moved from Chrome to Edge - the main reason, Chrome was absorbing my whole RAM during the time. Yes, I am one of those who work with millions of tabs but eventually, Chrome was benefitting from this habit of mine to empower itself😂
Sachin Sinha
Opera is my fav for productivity. Brave is up there on my list and fast catching up with Opera. Chrome is my least favoured browser.
Alexey Shashkov
Safari. It's clear and fast.
Dave Bain
Brave because reflects the personality you need to build a start-up 🤣 Seriously, it's very private, fast and an eye opener not using Google search
Solomon Bush
I switched to Edge a few months back. Microsoft rebased it off the chromium browser. It’s way faster than chrome now. It’s just annoying to migrate all your data.
Valeria Migova
Depends on the device, for a desktop I use Google Chrome only. It has the best store with extensions, also I really like the browser’s interface and all the built-in products: gmail, google docks, calendar, etc. But on my phone I prefer to use Safari.
Kesava Mandiga
Moved from Opera to Firefox to Chrome a few years ago. Haven't really felt the need to move since, except when Chrome slows everything down (I have a too-many-tabs problem). I also use Safari sometimes just because it's baked into my devices. Tried Vivaldi and Edge, but nothing feels as seamless as Chrome is at syncing across devices. And inertia too, can't deny that.
Dmitry Chourpo
Safari. Fast and great design.
Oleg Poltava
Chrome was my loveliest browser till 2020, after I moved on Safari. Because chrome eating 🤬 my RAM too much.
Anna Kuzma
Mostly use Google Chrome, but sometimes also Aloha Browser for mobile
@kuzmanna not heard of this before but just checked it out and it looks awesome. About to install it on my Galaxy Note! Thanks for sharing :)
Gonzalo Alfaro
Brave is my main browser, Safari for other important stuff and Firefox for random stuff.