What's your 4 favorite marketing tools?

Lusine Mkhitaryan
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For me: 1. Canva for creating visuals 2. GTM (Google Tag Manager) for adding codes on the website without developer -_- 3. Yandex Metrica - for tracking heatmaps and clicks on a website 4. ActiveCampaign for email marketing


Armen Tadevosyan
As I am SEO my favorite tools are 1. Ahrefs 2. Lemlist 3. Google Sheets/Excel 4. FindHatLead
1. SERanking for SEO 2. Google Tag Manager 3. Hotjar for event tracking 4. GIMP for image manipulation 5. Linux for everything
@lusine_mkhitaryan think Canva on steroids. Only free. Bit of a learning curve though. Like Photoshop.
@lusine_mkhitaryan funny story about GIMP. The community recently resurrected an FET account they thought was dormant. Turns out it had well over 1 million dollars of bounties and community contributions in it. Assuming its not purloined, GIMP is soon going to be adding new features I hope :-) You can read the GIMP docs here... https://docs.gimp.org
Randolph P. Evans
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Alina Ihnatiuk
Hootsuite Canva SMMPlanner Buffer
Jaskiran Kaur
There are so many marketing Ahref, SEOquake, majestic , seominion , screaming frog , semrush , seo site checkup , seomoz and Google analytics are great marketing tools. These can help in analyzing we
Edward G
In no particular order: 1. Google Tag Manager 2. Google Analytics 3. Hotjar 4. Ahrefs Google has some killer tools and for free!
Dawn Veltri
1. Canva 2. HotJar 3. RAEK (shameless plug 😂) 4. Google Analytics
Daria K
Google analytics for sure. Always use it for our project
1. Canva 2. Google slides 3. ConvertKit 4. SERranking
Mine would be: 1. Zapier for easy integrations 2. Canva for design templates 3. Mailmodo for emails 4. Hotjar for feedbacks & heatmaps
Adrian Balcan
1. Gravit designer 2. Google Tag Manager
Lusine Mkhitaryan
@adrian_balcan Haven't heard about Gravit designer, what is that?
Adrian Balcan
@lusine_mkhitaryan it's an alternative to Illustrator or Corel Draw a tool for vectorial design right in your browser
Markus Jenul
Oh thats a hard decision to make. But here are the one's that I enjoy the most. I am a bit selfish with the last one since I developed it buut.. just had to mention it 😁 - Hubspot - Drift - Hellobar - Kickscale
Lusine Mkhitaryan
@markus_jenul1 haha that's okay ))) what is your product ?
Markus Jenul
@lusine_mkhitaryan we provide marketing and sales playbooks from Startups that have raised +$60M My co-founder and I helped to grow a startup from 0 to post series C and while it was fun, it was also always a struggle cause we came right out of college.. So we thought why is it not easy possible to get the know how of the people that have done this already.. So we started www.kickscale.com to help team collaborate and to give them access to the best marketing and sales processes 🙂
Ira GI
Canva, Google Products, Inshot, Hootsuite
Ahrefs and surferseo is great
Shantanu Dagar
1) Ubersuggest/Ahrefs for SEO 2) Phantombuster for scraping 3) Zapier for automating flows 4) Notion for quick notes
Piotr Pawłowski
1. Canva 2. Ahrefs 3. GTM 4. Firmbee
Lusine Mkhitaryan
@piotr_pawlowski Haven't heard about Firmbee, What is that?
Piotr Pawłowski
@lusine_mkhitaryan firmbee is an all-in-one project management platform which manages your firm’s issues, finances, supports remote team work and HR processes. You can discover more and set up a free account at firmbee.com. Let me know how you like it, we're really open to feedback.
girish wadhwani
This looks interesting :
Andrii Kpyto
4 classes of tools: 1. Google Workspace/Search Console/Analytics/GTM 2. Notion/Slack/Trello/Gmail 3. Sembly Professional (for meetings on Zoom/Meets) 4. Depend on task, for real :) Can be Adobe, Grammarly or anything
Andrii Kpyto
@lusine_mkhitaryan it can be useful for all Uteach in the middle of "Teacher-Student Connection" as well ;) Students can use Sembly Professional for a quick review of the online lessons meetings results. Teachers can use Key Items for managing lessons without distracting from taking notes and sharing the transcription and GlanceView bright summaries for students. It can be win-win for both sides; if teacher will use Sembly Professional, there were no additional fees for students :) We can think about collaboration if you like this idea ;)
Ihor Yatsenko
For me it's 1. Google Tag Manager 2. Google Analytics 3. Ahrefs 4. Miro
Jason Grills
Here’re my top picks for marketing tools: PipeDrive ProProfs Chat (captures leads quickly) Buffer Venngage