Describe your startup using 3 words only(don't use keywords, prepositions aren't counted😈).

Lusine Mkhitaryan
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Let's have fun and guess each other startups. Starting with mine.


Xavier Coiffard
→ Community of makers
Creating. Maximum. Value.
Lusine Mkhitaryan
@iampascio by seeing the profile description and these words, I will say your startup is about making resources for others that create value for them? it can be something very important? Am I right?
Armen Tadevosyan
Create, share, earn
Pierre Kraus
Communication, privacy, ownership ✌️
Lusine Mkhitaryan
@pierre_kraus Is that something connected with data?
Pierre Kraus
@lusine_mkhitaryan It does! We just started Telios soft launch, a decentralized & encrypted email service ✌️
Pierre Kraus
@lusine_mkhitaryan Appreciate the support! What are you working on?
Fabian Maume
QApop : Quora marketing on steroids.
Lusine Mkhitaryan
@fabian_maume wow, actually I love Quora but at this moment don't have enough time to fully manage my Quora page but will check out your product.
Andrii Kpyto
Use Sembly Professional 😁
Andrii Kpyto
@lusine_mkhitaryan thanks! We have Sembly Personal он PH, but try new one Professional version (free for a limited time), Glance View is kind of AI magic, for sure
Hamed Baatour
visually style websites → nothing more straightforward than this I guess 😄
Crisis Management Assistant AreYouSafe? -
Alina Ihnatiuk
Innovation in the art world
Lusine Mkhitaryan
@antonovna wow, already interested in the topic 🤗 What's that?
Piotr Pawłowski
Managing & Productivity & Collaboration
Lusine Mkhitaryan
@piotr_pawlowski is that HR or Project Management tool ?
Michael Choupak
Time Machine for Meetings
Lusine Mkhitaryan
@michael_choupak really interested in the topic, what's that?