What's you fav scheduling apps?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Would love to hear why you picked these in the first place :)


Arturo Herrero
100% honestly Calendly was the first one I tried a few years ago and I’ve used it since. I don’t have experience with the others. Although now I may give them a try to see if I can find a better bang for buck solution.
Jake Gutstein
@shotbyart @nishith_shah Have you two run into any problems that would make you want to try anything else?
Nishith from True Sparrow
@shotbyart @jake_gutstein Not really. It is also because my needs are very simple. I don't have complex needs where me and my time have to do group scheduling etc.
Angi Bowman
Our team is a huge Calendly fan. It's been a perfect fit that we started using back in 2017, and we haven't gone back.
Emil Bayazitov
90% of people I work with use calendly. I've only met one person on YouCanBookMe and non on the rest services
Saurabh Chandarana
We were using Calendly for a while but it always felt too cold and transactional in nature, so built our own product zcal (https://zcal.co/) to make scheduling personal again. I know my answer to this question would be partial so, happy to hear any feedback at https://twitter.com/saurabhc135 🙂
Akash Ambade
We use calendly paid plan and get lot of extra features like integrations support, Workflows for calls and more. Did try MixMax calendar for short time, nothing much to talk about there, other than ability to integrate widget within the mail copy.
ᗰᗩ᙭ ᒍ.
Timetree, Notion!
Joshua Dance
I use Calendly because it was what I used first. Don't have a ton of incentive to switch.
Kelly Lovett
Calendly - and we create tiny url's for each team member for scheduling - it's been a great integration with our onboarding and customer sign-up journey too!
Tanya Sharma
Have only used Calendly from the ones on the list. But I'm a huge fan of Vimcal. It syncs all calendars, runs super fast with shortcuts, easy to build custom availability.
Valeria Migova
I use Weje. It’s the most convenient app for me, which helps to stay organized
I think Calendly because that was the first scheduling app I was introduced to in 2018 and I kind of stuck to it without the need for finding other solutions as it perfectly suits my needs. This is clearly a situation where a user doesn't want to shift to another solution as there's no apparent burning need. Plus Calendly enjoys a first mover's advantage :) I haven't even graduated to the paid version!