What's the weirdest domain name you bought?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Sometimes you get a shower thought and the next thing you do is ending up owning a domain for it. Drop the one you own that is weirdly funny :)


Stefan Smiljkovic
Currently - spammy.co - NotFckngTrash.com (related to none garbage NFT projects and artworks) - artisnotfart.com Had some NSFW domains in the past, really good one, but not sure it's a good place to mention it.
Stefan Smiljkovic
@enderm Actually i dropped this domain last year, and now is on sale for $1k
Atul Ghorpade
@stefan_smiljkovic Wow. How much domains you have now? Curious!
Ezima Chizaram
Lol. I can relate! richwomenclub.com. still don't know why I bought this domain name 😆
Stefan Smiljkovic
@zaram u wanted to create a community of rich womens only maybe?
Ezima Chizaram
@stefan_smiljkovic It was actually to build a community of women hustlers. But I can't find the motivation to continue with the project right now. Maybe sometime in the future, I will.
Xavier Coiffard
I bought M4M.so for my marketing 4makers community. Someone told me that M4M is actually something porn related 😅
Wilhelm Rahn
Cheesesharks.com (and a bunch of variants of the same name). Back in '15 I was super into creating some kind of cheesy snack brand with a sharky twist. Fun times for sure, but in the end I had to kill the project ✋
Paul Mit
I'm bad at cybersquatting. I've never registered weird domains in my life. Maybe I should start? Which one would you recommend to register? 😏
Damian Ariel Scavo
the .wtf of our company domain 😅
Ben Stokes (Tiny Projects💡)
I bought 300 emoji domain names from Kazakhstan and built an email service: https://tinyprojects.dev/project...
Stefan Smiljkovic
@tinyprojects @drawtheweb1 I remember as well and really liked the story. This could/should be NFT?
Miriam Dorsett
This has never happened to me... 😆 LOL
David Z
Fabian Maume
acolyte-des-illustres.fr L'Acaémie Française decided it should the proper translation of "Follower" in French. Unsurprisingly the term never got traction.
Archisman Das
arewebeatcovid19.com - Was planning to build something around it but realised better data dashboards had arrived.