What's the best translation app or service you use to localize content within your app?

Barada Sahu
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Do you go for manual translations or does machine translation suffice for app strings? What about in-app content? While Machine Translation is getting a lot better nowadays, often times using colloquial translations makes it sound a lot more natural sounding for users. E.g. Undo vs Remove or Store vs Shop in English when moving to other languages may have entirely different connotations. What are some good examples of apps which do this well?


Ayaz Karimov
For textual content localization: Crowdin For non-textual (video) content localization: Amara For translations: Deepl
Olivia Bridges
Google translate real-time translation.
Wilbur M. Chase
Me not use any app to different language because it’s automatically coming to the language I want, so why do we need the different app to localize the language, the same question was asked from my friend and he said what exactly I did, then how its clear to us can you make understand the same or can you give me some suggestions
Lisa Murphy
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Xdio Gawer
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