What’s that one trick you use to give yourself that extra kick when motivation is low?

Pablo Fatas
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It is pouring rain here in London, the grey skies and the lunch I just had are leaving me very unmotivated to work. Usually I just grab a quick snack/drink or go on a little walk (can’t because of the rain). What are some of your tricks?


Camille Landau
I have an industrial size box of lollypops (ordered from Amazon) in a spot only I know about in my house. I use them for moments that need pep. (Tootsie roll pops, btw)
Paul VanZandt
I've found that sometimes just changing scenery (while working from home) can really refresh the mind. Moving desks, taking a walk (when it's drier), giving yourself small rewards, etc.
Joanna Kurylo
Boxing! I don't do it as much anymore as I feel I'm always working, but whenever my motivation is low, I would go boxing and I would feel like a brand new woman.
Pablo Fatas
@joannakurylo Can’t imagine many things that would pump you up and make you feel ready to take on the world more than boxing
Ilaria Merizalde
I use some of the tips suggested here… Also, I look at the clock and calculate how many hours are left in the workday. Then, I try to prioritize enjoyable work tasks that can be accomplished in that time frame, asking myself “what do I really want to do right now?” A lack of motivation sometimes means you’re mentally tired and even one “fun” task can get you out of your rut. 😉
Pablo Fatas
@ilaria_merizalde_chiaruzzi That’s a really good one. I definitely do counting the time down and realistically thinking what I want/can get done in that time. The second wind you get from picking up an easy/fun tasks is really nice
Walk in the rain! Get wet. So refreshing and will clear you mind. I run outside come rain or shine, always come back a new me. Bonus, will invigorate you enough, you may come with new ideas :)
Pablo Fatas
@janemanthorpe Now this is the out of box suggestion I was looking for. Turn the sad rain into a good thing. Love it :)
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