How do you maintain and promote having a diverse team

Pablo Fatas
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If you are in the tech space especially it can be hard to find women engineers since the pool size is so much smaller. What kind of efforts do you do to combat this?


Nicole Ogloza
Start by being open minded! We have a team of 36 people from all over teh world (and everyone is a volunteer before investment) and we have been open to taking anyone that has passion. Angelist is very good with getting talent from all over the world. I would start by promoting applications on angelist, and in each job description, I would mention "diversity" as a core company value. Angelist also allows you to get remote workers from anywhere in the world, you just have to select that option. Once you have a diverse team from the get go, people from other cultures and backgrounds will equally feel comfortable to work for you!! <3
Pablo Fatas
@nicole_ogloza These are great points. Diversity really has not been an issue for us. The only sector where it is a bit complcated is when looking for software developpers. The pool is so much smaller for women that it is a lot more effort to source and find the best candidate. We have made the conscious effort to try as much as we can.
Nicole Ogloza
@pablo_fatas there are some PH products and firms that just have women software devs that they staff...same with facebook. they have a lot of groups for women only devs. Small pools like that you can find some gems in there!!!
Pablo Fatas
@nicole_ogloza If you have any links that would be amazing. Have looked for many. The issue is we are not remote and we are based in London where the pool is even smaller. We are starting to consider remote work more and more but its definitely not obvious. Thanks for the help :)
no special treatment. If a group asks for something, you should consider if it's possible to implement it for everyone. Make yourself available and pay attention to any complaints even how minor they are.
Paul VanZandt
I've found that asking people for personal recommendations (friends, former colleagues, etc.) is often a good way to find talent that might not otherwise make it into your application