What's Privacy for you?

Bogomil Shopov - Бого
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Everyone is talking about Privacy these days. For some, this is just to be left alone; for others is to have some rules for how the data are managed; for a specific group of people, it could be something else. So what's your definition of Privacy?


In a utopian world, our digital infrastructure should work around technology that supports our well-being, democracy, and shared information environment. Privacy is when my personal information and my behavior on a website is not not being tracked, under surveillance without me knowing about it and it's implications. Although my cynical self says- nothing is deleted from the internet, ever. There is no data funeral and no such thing as privacy on the internet.
Shiva Prabhakaran
Left alone, no permanent record and not be bothered.
Shiva Prabhakaran
@bogomep I have no idea, TBH. But if journalists/government agencies have those capabilities, then why not extend it?
Privacy is the feeling that Im not stalked.. Selling my online behaviour on one platform to other businesses is not privacy..
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
@gogloballakshmi but you agree to do that, correct? Most of the website are tracking you and selling your data or behavior patterns to 3rd parties.
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
@gogloballakshmi A very good product describing the policies of the most popular websites: https://tosdr.org/
@bogomep so what is the next step after tosdr?
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
I really like one video (and there is a book also) on the topic: https://www.hcde.washington.edu/.... Do you know any other good books on Privacy?
Tobias Gray
That my data is only stored and used for reasonable purposes by the service I'm using. So if it makes the service better and not shared with others then I'm fine. If it is used to spam me with ads or have other sites spam me with ads then I'm not fine with it.
Tobias Gray
@bogomep I don't think you ever 100% can. As an end user you can choose what services you use, check their policies and make requests to those services to see how your data is used. But realistically most people (including myself) won't do that. I sometimes do quick skims through a policy and am a little hesitant now and then when a service asks for data where I can't see how that is useful but that's about it.
Martin Bickford
@tobiasgray @bogomep This can be accomplished by simply enacting a law that prohibits businesses from selling or exchanging any data received from humans; and not allowing such transfers to be enabled by user agreeing to a privacy policy.
Lior Barak
As my entire product is built around allowing tracking in a private way for companies I see privacy as a key component in anything we do. I wrote this part about privacy few months back https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/y...
Jaskiran Kaur
In this digital world , I think my personal data should be protected like gallery, images and phone contacts,etc
I will talk in terms of Analytics tools cause I am building one. 1. I dont want someone spying my browsing history 2. Unwanted ads Also: gdpr complaint when operation from EU PS: Incase if you want to support https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Not being spammed with ads that I need.
Begüm Bayram
I know we are talking about "data privacy" but I gotta say I lived in dormitory and the concept is not legit all the time
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
@begum_bayram I didn't quite understand that. Could you add more to it, please?
Begüm Bayram
@bogomep I mean we had 0 privacy and at the beginning I didn't like it but at the end of the year I admit that and got used to it
Arth Tyagi
Decentralized networking, my data should not be tracked anywhere. I appreciate the technology behind user-interest based advertising but I want a simple button to just turn that off instead of having to go deep into settings, changing one setting for one thing, and repeating that endlessly. It's my data, I think I should be in control of it as easily as possible. Not kidding though, if advertisers and all the platforms were transparent about data collection in the same way as they try to be about their product, I might even allow usage of my data voluntarily for better ads but the current state has got me questioning.
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
@arth_tyagi i agree 100% - Decentralize it and let us be the real owner of our data and to decide with whom to share it and how. If you want to share it with an Ad provider - be my guest, if you want to share it with a bank - you can do it. The control needs to go back to the owner!
Tasnuva Ashraf Umama
Giving me space even if I'm out in the open