What's one interesting idea you had that you are waiting to execute?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Xavier Coiffard
A scheduler for Reddit posts. If you're interested, drop a comment below!
Hassan Shaikh
have you checked out Later for Reddit? They do something similar
Hassan Shaikh
@kalu_kise @angezanetti I would say Later for Reddit has this awesome tool where you can analyze what are best times to post and that's what helped me get hooked on the platform and only after that I started using the tool for scheduling reddit posts.
Ashit Vora
@angezanetti Had a similar idea of an app that helps in cross posting the content on a periodic basis just like one can queue the posts on Buffer.
Benjamin Grandfond
An app to manage project issues that will connect developers and CSM so that the end users get a better support.
Rhys Webber
A wardrobe management app which suggests outfit ideas based on clean clothes ๐Ÿ‘•๐Ÿ‘–
Prince-Brown Jasper
@rhyswebber01 This idea is cool. For this to work you have to log in all your clothes to the database. So when any is dirty, you tag it dirty. When its clean again, you tag it clean. Sounds cool.
Atul Ghorpade
I have interesting idea to launch on PH. Can you hunt it? P.s. Don't know how launching stuff works....lot of things to learn!
Tsz Hoi Lee
A product that makes everyone on time for meetup.
Tsz Hoi Lee
@shakilo I don't know yet but maker's mindset is about figuring it out through experiment right?
A video editing tool to specifically create product demos (the ones that zoom in and out to showcase product features)
Anishi raj
Cryptocups To promote sustainable menstruation through a tightly knit community of women who have...yet and have less adoption rates owing to difficulties in changing behaviour.
After reading this, I thought why would people share their interesting ideas out there? But here are replies, so I'll post mine: An Innovation school for Inventors.
Sarah Jordi
Maybe sounds a bit boring, but I'd love to work on a system that combines all "paperwork" in Switzerland in one app. Insurance documents, health care documents etc. Ideally including e-bills, payment reminders, contact info of your account manager/consultant, emergency numbers. There are some similar projects out there, but nothing convinced me yet.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Creating own training course for copywriters, marketers.
@antonovna What's the number 1 tip you'd give to copywriters right now?
Ira GI
I have several business projects, so my ideas are versatile ... For example, launching a platform for crypto art, holding events...
Obilaja Fisayo
@ira_gi Crypto arts... How different would it be from NFTs market place ?
An app to catalogue physical art--art photographer comes in, takes a pic and you get an NFT of each piece + also a stunning library where you can see/share your collection digitally
Ricardo Valenzuela
I want to create a blog, from which it can be published via email. It's a good idea? It is already developed, would you pay 5 USD for this service?
Prince-Brown Jasper
@ricardo_valenzuela2 I think it should be on reverse. A blog that publishes to your email contact automatically. Meaning, as you hit publish on the post, all your contact get it immediately.
Sofya Narbut
a smart calendar that takes women's hormonal cycle into account
Daniel Leal
A tool to help new pet parents train their pet maybe? Not an easy task!
A couple of ideas for a mini course/e-book. As both ideas will be done its just a case of trying to figure out which of the two to use (ebook or course/pages in Notion)