What's a startup to keep an eye on?

Richard Fang
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Would love to see some new startups mentioned! A lot of startups are not on PH so would love to see maybe some outside of the PH network (so no self promotions!)


Max V
https://wingacoustics.com/ These guys are onto something. Can't wait for our lockdown to be over to hear it for myself.
David J. Kim
@fluffypony Seems promising, but with that price point it does seem like you'd need to try it extensively before buying it.
Richard Fang
@fluffypony @between_team Yeah tbh I'm not too sold on these products unless I can experience it first hand myself. Looks promising though!
Lucie Loubet
https://calixa.co/ It's a startup based in Montreal that lets you find and shop online for hyper-local brands. Montreal only for now, but such a good idea.
Richard Fang
@lucie_l Love this idea! I actually think hyper-local brands is a super good idea in the Asia region as well