What's a SaaS growth tool that has genuinely made a difference to your metrics

Russell Vaughan
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I'm thinking specifically sign ups, or conversion to paying customer.


Russell Vaughan
@fajarsiddiq A few but looking for more! Optimize is a clear cut tool that I can see whether the work I did contributed to new sign ups. I think also from an attribution perspective, our chat tools is probably our top lead source. I'd love any others you may use or recommend?
Chris Raethke
I would have to say LogRocket, it helps with understanding front end bugs and qualitative user research. Just make sure you setup the "data-private" attribute on your private content.
Fabian Maume
Product analytics like Amplitude + Slack & Mixpanel can help you a lot. It will provide you valuable quantitative data. If you combine this with qualitative data from a tool like Smartlook Qualitative Analytics, you will have all the card in hand to improve your metrics.
Russell Vaughan
@fabian_maume Thanks Fabian. Analytics for sure are the basis for any work we start to do to increase Growth. i've used Full Story before which looks similar to SmartLook. I've never sure how much I get from those tools. i find something like Usertesting.com is good as you get the audio as they are talking through the session, which i think I find more valuable.
Fabian Maume
@russellvaughan1 yea you always need to make some assumption based on how people interact with your website. Actually the best quality of feedback is when you watch somebody testing the website. Whenever I release a new landing page I always test it with 2 to 4 people (that is quite easy to do when you are in co-working space).
Tasnuva Ashraf Umama
https://www.producthunt.com/post... has great growth tools and literally helped our business, funnily we are Markopolo! And we benefited from our product.
Markopolo AI. An end-to-end marketing SaaS solution designed to generate campaigns, copies, creatives, ad optimization, A/B testing, insights and a lot more- powered by GPT-3. They launched today and are extremely promising. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Jason Grills
You can try using a live chat that supports the use of a chatbot. Chatbots can help you capture leads. That means you don’t specifically have to look for a sign-up tool if you get a combination like that. You can even identify what leads your business can convert right then and there by letting a support agent take over the conversation. You can give that a thought too. :) Tools like ProProfs Chat, LiveChat, Zendesk, and others help you do that.
Sarabeth Jaffe
Adding Crisp Chat on our external and app site has been super helpful to communicate with our customers. Allowed us to close at least a few sales because we could provide good, fast customer support. https://crisp.chat/