What resources would you advice me to read on community building?🙏

Vio Vanica
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It can be articles, people to follow, advices etc. Really I am open to learn as much as I can!


Piotr Gaczkowski
I'm currently reading "The Art of Community" and like it very much. Another interesting read not strictly on the topic was "The Culture Code". You can also watch The Communities Show or better yet, join the Discord and discuss with fellow minded folk: @annadante and @iwozik .
Vio Vanica
@annadante @iwozik @doomhammer thank you Piotr, got the book on my phone to read it, this is so helpful!
Anna Grigoryan
Thanks for mention @doomhammer :) You can check us out here: https://communityweekly.co https://www.communities.show/ We are fun but also smart match made in heaven :D
Olle Pridiuksson
smart match made in heaven <3 also under a heavy gen-z influence, so the podcast is future-proof
Vio Vanica
@iwozik I tried to join the discord channel, but I can't.(not sure why not) can you add me my user name is @vio#0326?
Olle Pridiuksson
@viorica_vanica I don't think I can add you until we're friends on Discord. Here's another link. Can you retry joining please? https://discord.gg/9z98PTJ
Dylan Redekop
Follow @rosiesherry + @jayclouse on building communities!
Rosie Sherry
@dylan_redekop thanks for the mention. I run a newsletter too - https://newsletter.rosie.land
Kartik J. 👷
Check this -https://rosie.land/ It will defiantly help you. @dylan_redekop also recommended you the same.
Fabian Maume
This article is quite interesting: https://corinneriley.medium.com/... "Community Led Growth" is quite new concept. But if you google the term you might find interesting resources.