📶 How do you improve retention rate for your SaaS platform?

Vio Vanica
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Sugandh Sharma
Retaining customers is as important as acquiring new ones. More so, the former is less expensive than the latter, so it makes sense to devise strategies to make your customers stick. Of course, it's easier said than done. Here are a few strategies that you can employ to boost your retention rate while you are acing your acquisition rate. Create loyalty programs to turn visitors into loyal customers. Offer unparalleled assistance and support regarding queries about your SaaS product. For this, you can conduct on-site surveys using tools like Qualaroo to gauge what customers want from your product and what needs to be improved. You can take suggestions as feedback via pop-up surveys about new features that users want in your product. Conduct A/B testing for your product to see what is or isn’t working for the users. Basically, if you will improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction, the retention rate will increase as well.
Vio Vanica
@sugandh_sharma Thank you a lot ✌️which approached worked for you the best?