What questions do you have for Slack event on productivity?

Mayank Mishra
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Hey folks, super excited to share about the upcoming official Slack event where Manjunath, cofounder of Poppins will be speaking about the journey of Poppins, Supercharge your productivity on Slack and tech! RSVP for the Slack event!! (link) Poppins is a Slack app for founders and leaders to make Slack actionable, featured as #1 new & noteworthy app for 3 weeks. 100+ global teams are already loving Poppins. Do join in for the event! + Please comment below any questions if you have, happy to take them as well. https://slackcommunity.com/event...


robiul haque
Customize Slackbot option in your workspace menu.The most useful Slackbot response is one that fires rarely but provides information exactly when you need it. Ideal situations are when you didn’t know you needed help but Slackbot is there to provide some guidance.