What processes and tools do you use to ensure your Remote Teams stay highly productive?

A. Onkar
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In high velocity organizations, employee productivity has to be measurably higher than in your average firm. It gets challenging in remote teams, where traditional processes and tools often fail. If it is worth something, happy to share what experiments worked for us so far (and what did not)!


Ruben Wolff
If you do have good advice to share, please do, it will always be useful to someone :) At corepo.org we use Discord to all stay in touch where we have a "lounge" audio channel where people can come and go to have a chat, and is supposed to feel like a break room where employees would normally gather to grab a coffee, etc. We have weekly meetings to update each other for every side of the startup (development, writing, marketing, etc).
A. Onkar
@rubenwolff thanks🙏🏻 daily/weekly meetings is definitely helpful for status updates, we adjust the frequency as per criticality and on/off track status of a work stream. Idea of virtual coffee room is interesting, we tried it on Slack but didn't elicit lot of enthusiasm. For task allocation, collaboration and time tracking across work streams / functions , we use our internal tool at https://crelytics.io to keep SAAS subscription costs in control.
Tarryn Thiele
notiv.com is great for remote meetings
A. Onkar
@tarryn_t thanks 🤩 will definitely check out notiv.com, since so far we couldn't find a good meeting transcript solution that works across the disparate video conferencing tools preferred by clients.