What kind of products would you like to see listed on PH?

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Shiva Prabhakaran
Productivity and design tools.
@killshiva Workast had a good one today https://www.producthunt.com/post... Might be worth checking out. :)
Eddie Husarcik
Education tools focused at college / grad students.
Jerry L. Tran
Product that can improve efficiency of employees. or reduce burden on employees
Jan Forsthuber
@jerry_l_tran We're launching our wrist rest Carpio 2.0 here soon :) It doesn't let (wrist) discomfort get in the way of your work.
Begüm Bayram
I feel like most of the products are generally tools to help other developers which make totally sense cause this is a place developers hang. But sometimes I wanna see more generic user contents.