How do you know you are ready to launch on PH?

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Hello πŸ‘‹ Everyone, I am new to PH and wasn't sure about a few things. I wanted to ask the community or anyone that has launched on PH, when did you know you were ready to launch on PH? Any suggestions would be awesome! Thank you Sonia


Peter Hagen
I don't have much experience here, but found that are a lot of other places to launch first, to iron out problems with smaller communities. That's at least what I'm trying to do currently πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Sophia Samutin
@phgn0 what are examples of those smaller communities? also trying to figure this out...
@phgn0 Great example about ironing out problems with much smaller communities. I think that's my weak point at the moment, I need to identify these communities. Thanks Peter for the suggestion
Peter Hagen
@s_samutin For example Indie Hackers, subreddits and forums relevant to your problem, sites like Betapage or Betalist etc. They should all have less traffic than Product Hunt.
Peter Hagen
This recent thread here might be useful:
Petr NΔ›mec
You don't have to be ready. Producthunt launch is nice to collect feedbacks on early stage product.
@petr_nemec Thanks so much for this Petr. I was thinking about this, just to put it out there and collect feedback, but I always feel like I need to improve more on the product/website etc. Need to find that right balance
I don't think I will ever feel ready to launch but I plan to do so anyways!
@ginaoftherose Hey Gina! Thanks for this, looking forward to your launch :) I am nowhere near ready at the moment, but hope to get it out soon.
Elen Udovichenko
I don't think you can ever be 100% ready to launch here - there's always something to improve or tweak. Just set a date a week or two ahead of the launch and commit to ship what you have by then πŸ˜‰
@elen_u Thanks so much Elen! Your feedback is great, I do feel like I need to tweak up on my landing page and the product itself. I hope to release it real soon :)
Slava Bobrov
Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, once said this: "If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late". Launch it, it will allow you to focus not only on what you think, but also on what the users think is important for your product