What is your preferred OS? Why?

Martina Hackbartt
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G. M. Mehdi
Once you go Mac!
Qudsia Ali
I used to prefer Windows when I was using a windows laptop. But after using MacOS, there is no chance of going back.
Sandra Djajic
I grew up using Windows but changed to Mac when I was about 17. It took me some time to get used to it but now there's no going back!
Martina Hackbartt
@inesfenner I changed to Mac around 2 months ago after like 15 years of Windows😂 , still getting used to!
Sandra Djajic
@martina_hackbartt Haha! I won't lie, there's still some stuff I have to Google when it comes to Mac! It's definitely a (potentially life-long) learning process. :D
András Juhász
A Macbook Air M1 with Windows 11 would be the best combination of quality hardware and a productivity-focused OS.
Linux. Since the OP to the OQ has added “and Why?” to the OQ, here’s a brief why for me: Linux is simple, fast, uses fewer resources, and works. I have had Windows crash many times, yes even Win10. I have twice had to rebuild a laptop from scratch because a Windows update trashed itself and made the laptop unable to boot. That has NEVER happened under Linux and I have been using Linux since v0.7. Today my laptop runs Linux and I have a VM with Win10 installed that I can start up when I need to run some software that doesn’t support Linux and won’t run under Wine. Before I switched this 16GB laptop from Win10 to Linux - Windows struggled to run within the memory I have. Today Linux only struggles when the 8GB Windows VM is hogging resources. Otherwise it screams, even running a full featured RDBMS on it (which I never could get to stay online under Windows BTW). MyAllSaversConnect
Farhan Aslam
Windows, as it is easy to use and the most popular system.
Linux, why are you still guys using Windows or Mac? They are so poor-performing in comparison to Linux, it is almost pitiful.