What is your most creative environment and does it have an effect on your business?

Shivam Ramphal
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What is up Product Hunt community, I was thinking the other day about how different environments can play a role in performance. I realize I spend most of my time around other entrepreneurs (co-working space) getting things done a lot faster. What is your most creative environment and does it have an effect on your business?


Misha Krunic
Hey, Shivam! I, too, work most efficiently when I'm in a standard work environment (meaning an office). It helps and inspires me if I'm surrounded by motivated people. However, the COVID situation kinda made it more difficult. Also, for me, it's important to get a breath of fresh air from time to time, and spend some time in nature, because that's what charges my creative batteries, so to say. Cheers!
Shivam Ramphal
@price2spy I can agree. The office is effective with other motivated people, however, those nature walks really makes you think lol.
Love this! Huge believer that space/environment can really impact your work. My most productivity is definitely in coffee shops. Especially those with others working on their side projects/studies/anything!
Shivam Ramphal
@hugh_dawkins for sure, Starbucks usually does the trick. I am also a huge advocate of work environments
Miriam Dorsett
Hey Shivam! I agree 100% with your post. My environment is key to my creativity, my mood and my productivity. Coworking spaces are energizing, but can also be distracting if you're social and not disciplined. There is so many people doing cool things it can be an overflow of inspiration. Even just listening in on CH rooms can have a similar result. This past year and a half has been very productive mostly working from home or from families homes. Time of day is another factor for my creativity. When the world is quite early morning and late at night, I'm able to think clearly with minimal distractions of notifications.
Shivam Ramphal
@mdorsett I can agree that sometimes quiet places are the way to get in your thoughts. I can relate to the social aspects of being in a co-working space. Sometimes I would talk with other entrepreneurs around me and 2 hours later, realizing I didn't do any work, lol.