What is a couple of things you wish you knew when starting your startup/ product?

Shivam Ramphal
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As everybody knows, when you apply the hours and work into something, it'll grow to be better than the way it was before. As I was thinking to myself, I was wondering what are some things I wish I had had when beginning this startup/ product. What are some things you wish you had known when starting this business/ idea?


Here are mine 1. Focus on one until success or failure. 2. Having a partner in business can change the game for good. 3. I wish if I knew how to launch in producthunt the right way. Including what are things decide the top positions.
Shivam Ramphal
@thisissubhendu, well said, I can agree with having a partner or someone to communicate share idea with.
Chandan Das
It's hard. Really hard. It's lonely. There's no foxhole mentality like you have with a regular job. Growth is bumpy. Very bumpy. Your friends & family won't be customers. Find something to fuel your drive. There's a safety net. . Reinvest in the business. Pay attention to the numbers.
Shivam Ramphal
@chandan_shopify Well said, most people don't understand the dedication it takes to get something started and performing well.
Raghav Goyal
1. Raise smart money, not dumb money. 2. Build an MVP within a week. 3. Traction from day one, focus on growth metrics from the start.
Shivam Ramphal
@rg97 I agreeeee!!! Taking it step by step and having a goal/ mission mindset, not a resultant mindset.
Focus everything in the metrics and data to extract the appropriate conclusions😊
Jared Cornell
Even the thought of starting a new business and competing in today’s competitive business world can scare many people. In our first year of operations, we had a lot of customers who did not understand how to use our products - as a result, we had hundreds of emails to reply to. I wish we had made the right investment in a customer support software (https://www.proprofsdesk.com/cus... offer support across multiple channels with ease. We would have saved a lot of customers from leaving our business
Shivam Ramphal
@jared_cornelll, I understand, thanks for the insights on focusing on communication to help everyone be on the same page.