What is your favorite PDF tool feature and why?

Dapeng Ni
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ravenga harmon
To be honest, my favorite PDF tool feature is free but useful. In your other question, I answered that my work needs to frequently involve PDF editing, compression and other functions. There are many free PDF tools on the market, but the easy-to-use free tools will limit the number of times to use, and the unlimited free tools are difficult to use. This once got me into trouble. Fortunately, a new free PDF tool saved me—PDFgear. It's an all-in-one online PDF tool that can solve all popular PDF issues like PDF editing, reading, compressing, and converting with no charge. So I do highly recommend PDFgear to you, Dapeng. If you prefer an online tool with free but efficient functions, please try PDFgear(https://www.pdfgear.com/)!
The Mojo Apps
Hi Depeng, I like this PDF Tools (https://www.doozytools.com/pdf-t...) from DoozyTools which can merge, split or watermark PDF files without uploading documents to any remote server or cloud. We don't need to worry about our data privacy of personal document while processing PDF files online.
Celine Carpet
Features for editing text and images, converting PDF to Word, and AI are the basic elements when I pick A PDF tool. I used pdf element before, but for NOW, I use UPDF: https://updf.com/updf-ai/, more cheaper and easier to use and the UI is beautiful.