Upcoming Launch

Dapeng Ni
9 replies
Hi! Our newest product is nearly ready for PH launch. Any last-minute tip for us? Btw, I'm hoping for your support!! :)


Svetlana Bulega
Hello. We are launching soon ourselves, so it's hard for me to advise something here :) Once you launch, send me a link to your product page. I will definitely support you. I also hope that on Tuesday 25.05, you will also support us :)
Dapeng Ni
@svetlana_bulega sure! I'm just confused about the date, it May 25, is Wednesday . Is that the day that you'd launch? Btw, may I have your email so I can notify you once we launch on PH?
Svetlana Bulega
@dapeng_ni Excuse me, we launch on 05/24 on Tuesday. I made a mistake on the date. And thank you very much for your willingness to support us :)
Jack Owen
You have my full support. Bestof luck...
Marina Đurić
Lead Delta 2.0 just launched today, drop by to support us if you can! 🚀🙌🏽