What is your biggest day-to-day challenge?

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Tobias Gray
Not having enough hours in the day to get everything done. Having a 9-5 and a couple side projects leaves little time for much else. Then again I love what I do so can't complain too much.
@tobiasgray aahh!! Time! Probably the only thing we can't control! It's always a race against time! Thanx Gray!
Mayank Gupta
Getting enough sleep in this busy schedule. I cannot take a nap, so I sleep only at night and I sleep for only 5-6 hours daily. At the start of the next day I feel weak and fatigue. But through the course of the day I get my energy. So, this is a huge challenge for me to overcome.
Asif Kamal
following my daily routine.
Lauren Proctor
When I take a serious step back and evaluate my regrets, my biggest day-to-day challenge has everything to do with balancing my make-money-now tasks against my potential-to-win-big tasks. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to co-found a marketing platform that was acquired by Twitter. At the time I thought this would make me feel invincible but it actually did the opposite. My fearful mind tends to cut opportunities off at the knees because it focuses on short term wins. As I get older I find my priorities shifting. Instead of quick client money, for example, I'm working on finding the confidence and clarity I need to pursue my second startup. If you're still reading, here's the essence of it: I struggle most with owning what I want and chasing it with everything I've got.
@laurenproctor32 Thanx Lauren! Somewhere I feel that I struggle with the same problem as well. I am too fickle minded, I overthink, and may be this is why I struggle to keep my focus and jump in with everything I have got to achieve my goals!
Lauren Proctor
@roy_outgrow Thanks for sharing. I hear you. It's nice to hear that actually we're not alone in the struggle. I'll be virtually rooting from you from afar.
David Lauchenauer
Prioritising. So many Ideas, so much that could be done for IndieBrands that I often don't know what I'll do next. Any tips?
@gmiadlich I am no expert, but yeah...you can start off with one thing at a time rather than going after all the ideas you have.. Thanx David!
Prioritizing as well, learning new stuff every day (it's definitely exciting but sometimes it's just so exhausting). But I guess multitasking is the hardest for me. I think it makes me less efficient.
@anna_danilova1 Yes, it gets exhausting sometimes...but again..if we keep doing the same stuff every day and not learn new things..it gets boring!
Andrew Ivanov
For me it's definitely prioritization.
Arko Ganguli
Eating and sleeping on time. These are bodily functions and cannot account for globally distributed teams, working from home from different time zones. It severely affects the productivity of the entire after a point.
Isabel Nyo
To be kinder to myself.