What is your biggest concern as a Founder/Early Stage Employee ?

Abhinav Unnam
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Startups are hard and at any time, there are plenty of things broken. What is your biggest worry as a startup founder or an early stage employee? Is it the product, distribution, hiring, execution or the sheer number of tasks and not knowing what to do?


Stephane Ibos
With a bit of experience now, I'd say my biggest concern is always the step after next. Usually we founders have a vision, and a short/medium/long term plan to execute to make it happen. Usually as well, the current steps and the immediate next one are handled - not saying they aren't some sleepless nights about them, but at least we are aware of potential issues and one way or another working to mitigate them. What always concerns me is the step after next. It's easy to think "oh it's later. I'll address it when we come to it", but that can dreadfully bite you back. Handling current + next step + the one after can be a tedious exercise... But it's also what makes it all that fun!
Abhinav Unnam
@stephane_ibos I see, basically it's about fixing this grade's issues and the next one. Being able to connect with people who had been in the same shoes recently should be a great way to get help from.
Dele Hammed
In context of what TeamUp is all about, I think one of startup founders biggest concern is hiring creatives (what we call teaming up). We have our own assumptions about these concern and will like to validate it. I'll like to speak to anyone about an idea I'm working on with my co-founder, that we hope will help startup founders, like you, acquire creatives with complementary skills from all over the world, balance their strengths, and bridge their weaknesses while creating impactful products. It's basically going to be a place where startup founders can FIND THE RIGHT PEOPLE! Please if anyone is willing to help us, we'll like to have discussions via a virtual meeting at your convenient time. I promise I am not selling to you!