What are everyone's favourite analytical tools?

Abhinav Unnam
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The ability to use web analytics effectively is very critical, more so in the early days. e.g. Google Analytics tells you what is happening and Hotjar might tell you why it might be happening? Currently segment for event capture and then using the data collected for downstream products such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel etc is extremely popular. What other tools are people using and why?


Abhinav Unnam
@themeix_ltd1 That's awesome, its a ubiquitous tool. Can you point to any link or article you guys have written etc. What metrics, do you track ?
Arnav Mahajan
I recently setup our analytics stack, we use GA for web Analytics, PostHog for product analytics (Mixpanel was the best, followed by Amplitude, but they are very expensive and do not have a self hosted option like Posthog), Retool for internal dashboard, piping the data with Segment. I am also passing all the data to our Marketing automation (Active Campaign) and to Intercom (in case we decide to build in-product onboarding flow)
Abhinav Unnam
@arnav1712 Understood, so all event data gets captured using Segment and then sent to Google Analytics for Web, PostHog for Product Analytics, Retool for Internal Dashboard and finally to your marketing tool as well. Thanks a lot, this was really useful to know !!
Ruth Even Haim
Google Analytics & Mixpanel (we integrate with both through Segment)
Fabian Maume
Google analytics is a must to have. Smartlook can be a good alternative to hotjar to understand the why. Mixpanel & amplitude are good if you want to make analysis a posteriori. You can in theory analyse anything in GA but you need to setup conversion goal & funnel to start tracking it. Mixpanel allows you to analyse funnel based on historical data, which is useful when you don't exactly know what to track.