What is your best trick to boost CRM adoption?

Olivier Tolédano
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Hi all, CRM adoption is a huge stake in many sales organizations : no data, no connections... Excel sheets continue to be on the rise. Have you experienced such a situation? What initiatives have you put in place to drive user adoption and for what results?


Nabeel Amir
User adoption is critical for the success of any CRM . Onboarding of users, is not easy, and it's especially difficult when you are in a Large Corporate. One thing you can do is to make customization and design ( UI ) really simple for your users.
Olivier Tolédano
@nabeel_amir Totally agree. Salespeople from Large Corporate are the most difficult to convince. One thing we can also do for them is automating their tasks. Less is more...
Scott Dunstan
Recognizing that altering user habits, not technology, is what drives CRM end-user adoption is crucial. The abilities and techniques you employ to alter behaviour differ greatly from those needed to create and deploy efficient CRM solutions. This implies that the individuals in charge of managing and leading the CRM deployment may not be (and most likely are not) the best candidates to oversee the user adoption campaign. An automated programme called Social Epoch SCRM, which was created to send WhatsApp messages in mass directly from a PC or laptop in an efficient manner, was built on top of the Official WhatsApp Business APIs. Go to your smartphone's browser, type "SocialEpoch," and then install it from the download page. Tap on Bulk Send to start your first progression. It's time to organise your imported contacts, group contacts, and phonebook contacts. Type your message and include any images, videos, or audio files you wish. Additionally, you may add your signatures to it. Finally, SocialEpoch will automatically send your bulk messages to 10,000 contacts when you choose the automatic approach.
Olivier Tolédano
@cbrandoff_official I agree with you, CRM adoption often involves change management and this is often the reason for its failure. But an intelligent technology that takes into account the DNA of the users, can promote the use of CRM. What if the solution to having an up-to-date CRM was to stop asking employees to enter information?
The best way to increase the user adoption is to get the CRM that is really easy for people to use. Reduce the ability in terms of time, effort and mental load. You will notice the behavioral change.
Olivier Tolédano
@rajesh_upilot Agree! To go further, The less they use it, the more they connect it... if they find information they look for!