What is your best recipe for productivity?

Paul Biegelbauer
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I am really curious to hear your best practices!


Julia Doronina
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This might sound ... weird. But I listen to my heart (or body). I do the most important things in my most productive 2 hours of the day (when I have most of my energy and focus. Usually ~9am to 11am). I don't care to do more, as long as i'm consistent enough. I don't take weekends. Instread, I take off days when I wake and feel like it's one of those days when I cba to do a single thing. But in my case i'm motivated to work on my own personal project, and I don't work for someone else. So I do end up working most days and most hours despite maintaining a loose schedule.
Develop a habit for productivity. Like Nidal mentioned, discover your productive hours and create consistency.
Matthew Johnson
I have a bunch: - Use a timer: I work 52 mins, then take 17 min breaks. This allows me to be super focused during the work time, and clear my head during the break. - Plan your day: take a look at my calendar and mentally prepare for the amount of calls or meetings. Pick the priorities I want to focus on that day - Order my priorities so that I have a few quick and easy tasks to start, followed by the bigger items, and then I like to finish with a few fun and easy items On the latter two points we are working on a content series focused on flow/productivity that might be of interest https://taskablehq.com/find-your...
I always have a to-do list for each day, and I use TMetric to track my time. This helps me stay focused and productive, and plan my activities not to waste time.
Cathy Patalas
In my case, a clear plan for the day works pretty well. I'm most productive in the early mornings, so that's the time I'm starting my day. For me, it's also the moment to plan my "to do" list for the day, estimating how much time it will take me to complete all of the tasks. The estimation is crucial here. Completing all the tasks in the estimated amount of time gives me a sense of closure and makes me more productive.
Anton Ross
I periodically completely delete all social networks from my phone. I break the tasks into very small ones and fix them in the Trello checklist. Before this, it is necessary to spend 1 day in a state of complete degradation - to relax to the maximum without gadgets
Isabel Nyo
As a maker of The Creator System which is a productivity system for makers and thought leaders, I will say that the most important recipe is having a system and processes in place to allow for maximum focus. You don't need more time to be productive, you need focus.
Inna Proshkina
Define your most productive hours and focus only on creative tasks without any distractions during this time. Take regular breaks to clear up your head.
William Messi
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johnson Black
Speaking of productivity recipes, I'm a huge advocate for incorporating a touch of Fresh Lemon Juice into the mix! Think of it as the secret ingredient that adds that extra zing to your productivity endeavors. Just like the bright and invigorating flavor of lemon juice, a splash of enthusiasm can truly kick-start your workday. Combine it with clear goal-setting, time management techniques, and a dash of focused effort. Just as the acidity of lemon balances flavors, find the equilibrium between tasks and breaks. Stay zesty and make your productivity as refreshing as a glass of fresh lemon juice on a sunny day!