What is your analytics spec?

Eivind Håverstad
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As an app developer, you need to know about your users' behavior to enhance your app experience. At the same time, you want to know about the behavior of your potential users. There are a trillion analytics tools. What analytics tool do you use? What I´ve heard; Mixpanel or Amplitude to track the use of apps and Google Analytics for your traffic. How do you measure the behavior of your app and landing page traffic?


Fabian Maume
Amplitude & Mixpanel are quite nice. Just check their pricing: one is charging per user and the other by number tracked events, so one might be more affordable than the other. You can use GTM or segment.io to easily deploy different tracking tools at the same time. I would strongly recommend you to have one qualitative analytics tool like Smartlook Qualitative Analytics. User recording can help you understand the why behind the stats displayed in Mixpanel.
Eivind Håverstad
@fabian_maume Thanks for letting me know about the pricing differences. Totally agree with you on getting qualitative analytics as an addition to quantitative data. I´ve also heard great things about https://www.taskanalytics.com/ - don´t know if you´ve heard about it. Might be a different approach, yet it gets out the why of the data.
Tommaso Cecchi
1) For landing page/website: google analytics. I have setup custom goal to track the behaviour on the page. You can use also hotjar. 2) For app is better to use Mixpanel or Amplitude. Are pretty similar. If you are qualified as startup, Amplitude offer 1 free year
Eivind Håverstad
@tommaso_cecchi Great - thanks for sharing! I might go for the Amplitude startup process. Thanks for letting me know.
Harri Underarms
I have like 5% of what I think other people want and the rest is creative expression.
Olya Zabalkanska
Google Analytics Mixpanel Hotjar
Nick Hladush
@olya_zabalkanskaya can't get enough of Mixpanel too! The things you can track with it, it's amazing
Alejandro Cantarero
* Google Analytics * Fullstory * Heap and Segment to tie it all together. Can't underscore the segment part enough. We do all our instrumentation of events and data we want to track in Segment so that it flows down the same into all analytics tools. Really help stitch everything together.