How to write a no/less distraction policy for you company?

Eivind Håverstad
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During a workday, I often get distracted from my planned tasks by incoming emails, Slack, phone calls, or long meetings arranged for anchoring. At the same time, I also get the same frustration from other colleges in my company. From my point of view, this time-consuming distractions has escalated during Covid. Do you experience the same in your company? If yes, do you have company policies for how to get collaboration work smooth inside your company? If no and you feel the same way, what kind of policy would be a good idea? Thanks!


Sigurd Seteklev
We have a strict "don't expect a response right away" policy, even for Slack. If things are urgent we'll use SMS/Phone, and semi urgent we mention people in Slack. Also, since most of our company is on Macs, we ensure that everyone are aware of the option-click on the notifications icon in MacOS trick (it sets all your devices to 'don't disturb' mode).
Eivind Håverstad
@kitemaker I'm on a Mac myself and was not aware of that function. I will try to incorporate this into my company, even if it's a more Windows-based organization. Yet a "don't expect a response right away" policy would be a good idea for us as well. Thanks!