What is the secret to insane productivity?

Akinori Nakajima
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I use Qinaps for increasing productivity in my business
Nathan Challen
Inducing the Flow state on Demand. I'm building a course to teach Dev's and Makers how.
Ruben Wolff
Improve your focus, your organization skills, and reward yourself
Vio Vanica
Trigger your brain to get in the flow of deep work and get your work done in half of the time . You can do it by finding an internal motivation or by creating those behavioral triggers to make you work like: pre-commitment, peer pressure, implementation intention, accountability or the specificity in the task definition. We implemented all these elements behind our start-up.
Daria Novikova
reasonable time management that helps to achieve balance of work and life
Raj Vasani
do something that you really like :)
Alexander Moen
I don't think that there's any secret. Do something that motivates you and build the habits slowly and treat productivity like a muscle that you want to grow.
Osama Aamer
Everyone is different, and their pace of learning/problem-solving is different. Therefore what works for you could totally be detrimental to a different individual. If you can experiment and find the secret which clicks for you, it can change your perspective on what hard work is. For me, doing some physical exercise before starting on a problem was a game-changer. ⚡️
Robert Tirtasentana
Pomodoro is pretty good for me
Dawn Veltri
For me it's time blocking. The structure allows me to focus solely on the task at hand. But it also helps with structuring tasks that tend to take away from productivity ie set times during the day for email so the notifications don't pull me away from what I'm working on.
Sheiryl Jose
We have an article in our blog site that might help you :) https://www.lessandra.com.ph/blo...
Deniz Aslan
I think Time Managment
Use tools for Notetaking and Documentation and prepare the content in batch forms, i use Qinaps for this