What is the one product you appreciate the most? n Why?

Viswanath Vtz
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As we are using many Software products in our day to day life which one you feel the most valuable and helpful in your professional and why?


Rajat Bagree
hi @viswanath_vtz Definitely we are using multiple products in our day to day to day life but from the Design Entrepreneur perspective, I would suggest "ProApp Learn Design" for the designer community. With bite-size content, ProApp teaches you more than 30+ design disciplines. It's a digital design college - UI, UX, Branding & many more. Name it & learn it. Link to check it out - https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Joe LaPonza
@viswanath_vtz @rajat_bagree ProApp, a service that seems invaluable, personally, when it's all said and done. Great heads-up, thank you! Subscribed.
CopyQ, It is used in ubuntu. It store clipboard history and access easily through shortcut keys.
I use hanami.run every day to forward all of my emails from different domains.
Jaskiran Kaur
I think I adore Education Management System which can help Schools, Colleges, Universities can continue education of children online, not only that it helps in attendance management , homework management , marks management , school bus tracking ,etc. Link of Product : https://www.cerebruminfotech.com...
Jeff Zhang
https://markov.run/ because it's something I'm working on so I'm learning a lot about a market that I would otherwise have no business knowing. Probably not what you were looking for lol sorry for the self-promotion
Hi @viswanath_vtz & other hunters, Shameless pitch here- youremarks.com I have created this app out of frustration that text has not got much innovation. It seems like we are moving on to the next best thing, voice, and short videos, etc. But I believe we have more with text than what we have settled right now. From the writing end to the consuming side, we can create new habits and differentiation to look at the content differently through various forms and structures. Fifteen years ago, Twitter introduced us to 140 characters, and it ended there. We want to change that and experiment with text as a medium through @youremarks. I hope you can check out our app and provide feedback. WE NEED YOU.
Nikolett Török
If you are working with Conversational AI, your favorite tool will be Botium. https://www.botium.ai/ Chatbots are software and they have to be tested, trained and monitored. Botium offers great solution for every step you need when developing a chatbot. (Plan, Design, Develop, Train, Test, Deploy)
Pieter Limburg
Interesting question and the answer will probably depend a lot on what you do during the day. Personally, I won't go one day without our CRM (@pipedrive) simply because every day you know what to do, and it helps you focus on what to do next. Never lose out on another opportunity!
For me it would be Elementor which in my idea completely revolutionized WordPress and my own Yizy which I hope one day will revolutionize bookmarking for web designers, front end developers and graphic designers 😊
Jared Cornell
We like using ProProfs Chat (https://www.proprofschat.com/) for our business to manage incoming support requests from our customers. It is fast and easy to use. Would recommend it to those looking for a live chat solution for their business.