What is the next best thing to meditation?

Viacheslav Derzhaev
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I've tried to make meditation a habit numerous times, read books about it, listened to podcasts, installed all the apps out there ("10% Happier" is my favorite, thank me later) but I fail to do it regularly. At the times when I finally do it, it's never because I really want to. Therefore, I decided to try something else. What is the next best thing I should try?


Viacheslav Derzhaev
Co-founder of Rupt
@benryvan No, that's too hard!)
Galia Ben David
Head of Support
i find cooking to be really meditative and relaxing!
Jake Gutstein
Founder @Zest + Passionate Home Cook
I think it is best to build tiny action into intentionality (https://www.amazon.com/Five-Minu...). Try this out - worth the investment
ML researcher
Have you ever tried going to a class and learning how to meditate from a teacher? I think learning meditation is worth it.
Elis Moer
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