What is the most valuable lesson you learnt while working during a pandemic?

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Peter Hagen
You don't have to be in San Francisco to start a startup. This took me longer to realise than I'd like to admit.
Ahmed Atiqujjaman
I think it's the human psychology, how people get stuck in a situation but overcome from it. Also as a marketer I've learnt it's an excellent idea to reach more people those who are our targeted audience.
Krystyna Trushyna
I realised how terrible it is when work becomes the only thing left in my life
Junior Owolabi
I'm thankful I didn't lose my Job. The pandemic didn't affect me because for 13 year due to health problems, I have practically been on lockdown (apart from going to work), also my Brother dies a month before the pandemic Feb 2020. I was glad to work from home, i had been angling to WFH for ages.
Alexa Vovchenko
It's better to have a lot of work than no work at all
Sarah Jordi
Putting things in perspective. Sometimes I went crazy at home because I felt like I was falling behind on work and not being productive. But I learned to zoom out a bit sometimes and ask myself "what happens, if I don't finish this right now, but tomorrow when I'm more rested?" And usually the answer is: "Nothing". It is barely ever business critical and we often just want to live up to our own quality standards. And working from home, we feel like we need to prove that we are being productive and that also puts a lot of pressure on us.
Mohammad Shamsuddoha
Actually, you never be live alone....society never allow you to live like Tarzan :) LOL
Vikki Collins
Not to put so much pressure on myself...I tried to be superwoman with working and homeschooling initially and it nearly broke me!
Fardous Karims
Actually the pandemic didn't affect me or my freelancing job because i usually continue my work from home
Robert Ferguson
The most valuable lesson I learned while working during a pandemic is that always have a contingency plan. Even though I have a plan before the pandemic happened, I hope that many people would start having a backup plan for their foreseeable future.
For me, I would say that it is preparedness. Let's admit it; we are not ready for this pandemic. There are a lot of people who lost their jobs, and businesses have closed down.
@rodjons that is unfortunately very true, and preparedness is a good thing to keep in mind moving forward, thanks for sharing :D