What is the most difficult part of being a pet parent?

Begüm Bayram
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These cute and furry creatures can sometimes tire people a lot. What are the issues that you have the most difficulty with regarding pet care and that you think there should be a solution?


Chloe Bourgeois
Oh God, where to start? I guess most difficult part is tracking health of my dog when I am super busy.
Buster Franssen
The hardest thing about caring for a pet is to stop humanizing it. We humans often try to find motives and reasons for animals' behavior, thinking they might chew something on purpose or spoil things to spite us. But we have to fight this thinking because the real reasons for behavior are usually related to an animal's internal needs. For example, a dog chews his shoes because he was home alone, bored, and didn't have his own toy. Animals need to have their own things like Hondenbadje and distinguish them from the owner's.
Pim de Burger
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Adrien Agreste
I used to travel a lot before - you know - So, must annoying part was explaining the routines again every sitter or friend who is taking care of my cats.
Caner Altundaş
I constantly forget ordering food and running to the store before it is even opened.
Raziye Damla Ataoğlu
Trying to convice to have bath. Like all my day is up to him when it is bath day.
Arzu Kadak
Finding the right vet was so much painful. I might be tight-arsed but I just want best to my cutie pie.
Umut Can Duran
FURS EVERWHERE I want to buy a robot hoover but I dont know if it is worth to price.
The most challenging part of being a pet parent is when I am leaving them for work. It breaks my heart whenever I leave the house leaving them. I miss them all the time.
Rittey Aaron
I am here for the comments because I am just about to become one! Well I guess I need to know this!
Alexa Vovchenko
Furs everywhere, constantly dirty floors, how to teach a puppy not to use a floor as a toilette. Gosh, I guess I'm quite lucky with my dog 'cause I really don't have much problems with it.
Jaskiran Kaur
The most difficult part of being a pet parent is that , it is hard to see them in pain and you can't do anything about them. I had a bird. He was ill , so my brother took him to vet for the bumble foot. He gave medicines to him. I thought he was getting better but he died. I don't if it was bumble foot or the age because he 7-8 years and they live up to that age. It was difficult for all my family to let him go because he was a huge part of our family. He was cheerful , had a great bonding with us.
Begüm Bayram
@jaskiran_kaur So sorry to hear that. I had a bird too. Mine was already sick when we found her and she died in that week. I was only six and I remember crying a lot.
Arminda Cayce
Travelling, I can't just wake up and decide to travel😩
Eunice Ebrada
Based of my experienced, I had Six cutie dogs, I'm having difficulty of trying to disciplined them. It super chaos.
Stanislav Zverev
If you love animals as I love them, then there is no difficulty in caring for them. It happens somehow by itself. No complications.
Leaving them at home while you work. :(
My cat being too busy for me
this little fur balls never seem to get tired!! no number of walks is enough for them.
Eli Becerril Wong
to be apart of your pet-child.