If they can, what do you thing your pet would talk to you?

Begüm Bayram
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Lets assume I made a beebedy baabedy boo and your pet can talk. What would they say to you? I go first: - You gotta stop high pitch baby voice when you pet me.


Umut Can Duran
Who is thesis and why she makes you cry?
@umut_can_duran where is the like button? :-)
Arzu Kadak
I am not a puppy anymore mom, stop trying to carry me!
Raziye Damla Ataoğlu
You are embarrassing me, stop dancing randomly
Caner Altundaş
I love mommy more (😞)
Adrien Agreste
My cats strarring me like all the time : When are you gonna leave the house?
Chloe Bourgeois
He would probably say he miss my co-workers. They used to play with him all the time.
Sozin Saphire
I am gonna eat you icecream anyway, dont resist
Emily Boaile
Love me more, love me all the time, love me more than anything!
Tanoy Chowdhury
So, when are you serving me my next meal?
Shivam Ramphal
"Oooh, Oooh, do you have more food?"
First of all- my pet would sound like Chris Gayle speaking in Hindi. He would say, "Okay, you've had one bite of the sandwich. THE REST IS MINE"
pls give the other two away
Amelia Brown
According to PetCareRx, Dogs are unable to fully and efficiently understand sophisticated human communication. Although they can interact with other canines, it is not the same as how people converse with one another. Not only that, but you can find it challenging to fully comprehend what your dog is attempting to communicate.
Amelia Brown
According to PetCareRx you have to enjoy time with your pet! Take advantage of the time you have with your pet. Your puppy or kitten will grow up quickly, and you'll be left wondering where the time went. Build a close relationship with your pet. Remember that they adore you without conditions.