What is the most cool AI based product you know that everybody should know about

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Shameless plugs are also welcomed


Martina Hackbartt
My opinion might be biased because I'm well into biology and bioinformatics, but Google's Alphafold's tool for predicting protein structures is just great! It saves bioinformaticians plenty of time and the predictions seem great.
@martina_hackbartt looks really interesting. Has it been a good hack for students? hahaha
David J. Kim
Not 100% useful, but AI dungeon is a lot of fun.
Ido Lavi
I've been using a new product called Amy as a beta user over the past few months, and my meeting prep time decreased dramatically! Thanks @tamarni for bringing me on! They're launching here in November - check them out - www.myamy.io
Peter Nguy
For me, GPT3 is the big game changer. The next generation of products and tools will be based off of this technology.
@dizzydwarves thanks for sharing. How are you using it?
robiul haque
Manufacturing robots Self-driving cars Smart assistants Proactive healthcare management Disease mapping Automated financial investing Virtual travel booking agent Social media monitoring Inter-team chat tool Conversational marketing bot Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools