What is the biggest problem for you when you're running/trying to start running?

Veronika Lindorenko
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Hi there, Right now we're making an app for running/walking that tracks your activities and at the same allows you to become the king of the captured territory. So, when you move, you delineate a territory. So, you draw various figures (polygons) in your location if you're starting and finishing your workout in the same point. Right now we test a hypothesis that people need some extra motivation to run apart from keeping fit or losing weight and here is the desire to compete with other runners or walkers in this or that location. I've already asked my friends on Facebook and Instagram about their motivation to run. Now I'd like to know what's stopping you from running. Thanks!


Dillon Peterson
Hi Veronika, interesting question. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "king of the captured territory"? I don't understand.
Gaby Sankovich
My motivations are heart health and staying fit as I enter my 6th decade in this faithful body
Vitali Dervoied
Check Strava Segments. Really well made.
David J. Kim
Well in regards to the title itself, I'd say finding the motivation to run again after you haven't done so in a long time.