What kind of companies or teams will use a collaboration tool for remote teams?

Veronika Lindorenko
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Hi guys, I am working now over the launch of a platform Samespace that will help distributed teams to collaborate in an easier way. The platform has rooms, or spaces, that facilitate spontaneous (ad-hoc) collaboration. Each space is always connected and aimed to reduce the risk of social loafing and anxiety as well as to eliminate the need for endlessly re-connecting to video calls. Here is the website where you can find more info https://samespace.online/. What kind of business in your opinion will be interested in using this tool? Is it a big, medium or small company?


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The way I'd raise the question is not "what companies" but "what teams" or even "what personalities". Being continuously connected works great for smaller groups of extroverted people that are more common in startups or early-stage product companies that still have lots of planning to do. The other thing I would point out is your USP. The idea looks appealing on paper, but it is very niche. Think about why we have hundreds if not thousands of messaging apps and manyfold less dedicated software for calls. As Martin Cooper, the inventor of the first cellphone, puts it "I think texting ... for sending short communications, it’s very efficient. People do naturally tend toward becoming more efficient." Try to come up with what's the benefit of being always connected except for the "anxiety treatment", because I know many people who would rather become anxious or paranoid from the fact they're always on a call :) For your KSP I would definitely suggest mentioning your product doesn't require specifically high bandwidth. It's crucial for such all-in-one solutions to be extra reliable. My guess for your remote TA is art / creative teams, PM teams, or developers who practice pair-programming. Also, look, Millenials invented PTT :D
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@rvelitskiy Thank you very much for your detailed response. I like your idea of the Samespace's KSP. I will check again how true this is (the product doesn't require specifically high bandwidth) and if it's completely true, then we'll focus on it on our website. Now the USP is very blurry. Yeah, we also thought of pair-programming as some type of developers enjoy coding together. One of our co-founders (he is CTO) works with this kind of programmers. What did you mean by PM team? The team of project managers? Sorry, didn't get it. By the way, are you working over any specific product right now?
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@rvelitskiy @veronika_lindorenko Yep, I was talking about project managers. Also, yes, we are working on a product :)
Head of Marketing at Pibox
@rvelitskiy @veronika_lindorenko Thanks! Oh, it's a pity that you're already working on a product. I thought that you would be able to help Samespace with their marketing activities as I am finishing this project at the end of November. Though, I am sure that it's a good thing for you that you work over a nice product.