What is the best way to market to developers?

Deep Sherchan
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Most Saas marketing techniques are skewed towards business professionals from the marketing department. But how do you market solutions to developers? Does anyone have any experience or insight into this matter? Thanks.


David Tran
Here are some tips to market to developer: - Join a developer group, posting regularly, become one of them, and then promote your product. - Find a developer influencer. They are group leader, thought leader, blogger, youtuber in software development. If you can convince them to use your product, other developers would use it too. - Run an Facebook/Reddit ads which target developers.
Fabian Maume
Product hunt and indie hacker are nice community to use. If you are writing some good content you can share it there: https://dev.to/ https://www.webdesignernews.com/ https://sideprojects.net/ https://www.makerpad.co/ If you are targeting a specific tech you can mine Github for stargezer. You can use Github api or Phantombuster for it.
Deep Sherchan
Thanks @fabian_maume . I'm aware of dev.to but not others. Will have a look. With product hunt, I am finding that more UI centric tools are popular but not API based services. Tx
Cica-Laure Mbappé
At keypup.io we run Google and Reddit Ads which drive traffic. Then we are active on developers' communities on Indie Hackers, Y combinator, etc. We also follow developer influencers on Twitter to increase our visibility.
Fabian Maume
@cica_laure_mbappe Have you tried to run Twitter ads?
Hwei Oh
Invest time into understanding your developer personas and where they gravitate to for information, knowledge sharing and just hanging out. Be helpful, give advice and be transparent when asking for feedback around your own products. Mary Thengvall's book has been a great resource for me re: building developer relations and community engagement. https://www.marythengvall.com/de...