What is the best way to get in touch with dropped-off users in 2021?

Taras Pohrebniak
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We have a certain funnel in our B2C app. It would be helpful if we could contact users and ask them directly what they like or dislike about the onboarding process or an app in general. Usually, I would ask them for an e-mail address and then write a letter, but it seems to me that response rates have dropped over time. Another way is to ask for a phone number and contact them in WhatsApp/other messaging apps. Or even ask for an Instagram username. How would you solve this problem for your business?


Mohammad Abu Ajamieh
I'm not sure I got you. If they are in the onboarding process already, I assume they have provided some personal info, email/mobile already, no? While maintaining low level churn is important, but also bringing new customers is much important, especially when you are just starting and your user base is small. Regarding the email, if people stopped replying, most probably they have tried your service and didn't like it? Or they saw the price and dropped off? Or you spam them with too many emails that many people reported you as spam? There's a lot of info missing to be able to help you.