A therapy chatbot powered by GPT

Taras Pohrebniak
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Hi! I am creating an iOS app with a virtual psychologist powered by AI. I myself been struggling with depression for a long time and was really scared to seek help. I believe this app can help a lot of people who may feel the same. The problem is that in the mental health space people are not really open to sharing their experiences, so I am looking for people who can try it out and provide honest feedback. If you can help me, please, contact me any way you are comfortable. Email: taras.pohrebniak@gmail.com Whatsapp/Telegram: +380506922716 Facebook: https://fb.me/taras.pohrebniak


Andrew Manuilov
Your work seems necessary and relevant! What information do you need?
Rashmi Gupta
this sounds interseting and good work..let me know how can I help. you can connect me on rashmi@troopr.io
@new_user_335fa6cee1 You have taken the stride to solve one major problem that I have faced as well. Also, I have been working with GPT-3 for a while, please let me know if I can be of any help. You can contact me here k@markopolo.ai
Jack Davis
Interesting idea. I think some people, (myself included) might feel like talking to a bot is not ideal, especially for therapy. I want a real person to hear my problems and understand them deeply, not just talk to a bot. But I could also see it working really well for others! Has anyone else had this concern in regards to your idea?
Taras Pohrebniak
@jack_davis7 It's always better to talk to real person than to a bot. However, a lot of people are scared to talk about their problems, or not ready for it yet. In that case AI can help them at least to start.
Rachid Akiki
Happy to give you feedback
Nata Herman
Sounds pretty cool. I will definitely try.
Simon Stern
This is a terrific idea. Excited to see this progress :)
happy to help. I want to be a user!
Anny Wiliams
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