What is the best prototyping tool for SaaS founders and makers?

Alexey Shashkov
17 replies
Hey SaaS Founders and Makers! What products do you use to quickly prototype your product at an early stage? Can you share?


Jenny Kim
We used Figma to quickly map out the product flow, using boxes and texts.
Alexey Shashkov
@jenny_at_wanted Hey Jenny. Thanks for your reply. You have design skills, right?
Denis Danilov
Figma in combination with Stratum UI Design Kit for high fidelity prototyping. And FigJam with Stratum Wireframe Kit for low fidelity prototyping🤓
Alice Rodgers
we use Figma too)
Alexey Shashkov
@cn__katie Katie, do you have design skills too?
Alice Rodgers
@shashcoffe only for memes creation) I know how to use figma for basic operations, but I am not a designer
Anton Ross
I start all portotypes with planning and splitting into blocks. Trello helps with this. And then Figma)
Alexey Shashkov
@julia_demyanchuk Figma is perfect if you are designers, aren't you? =)
Julia Doronina
@shashcoffe yes, you are right! I am no a designer but our designers always share their ideas with us via Figma
Wael Khattar
Figma for design and Bubble.io for MVPs (and more)
Alexey Shashkov
@wael_khattar1 Wow, cool! Can you share your MVP’s on Bubble?