What is the best platform / tool to create company e-newsletter?

Ostap Yaroshevych
11 replies
What platform/l would you recommend as a good choice to create a clean, stacked e-newsletter format for my company? P.S Currently using SendGrid


Andrew 💥
You can try using Substack for this 🤔 Should feel much simpler than sendgrid
Ujjwal sukheja
I'm using convertkit and I highly recommend that.
Ostap Yaroshevych
@ujjwal_sukheja thanks for suggestion, I will check it
Tyler Dane
I'm on MailChimp and have not been very impressed with design. They're reliable, but I'm sure there are better options now
Ostap Yaroshevych
@tyhitzeman yeah, I agree with you about MailChimp. And because of that, I'm looking for other options.
Shekhar Chandra
tinyletter is another option, simple and best suited for a smaller audience.
Alice Rodgers
We use Unisender - pretty nice one)
Ostap Yaroshevych
@cn__katie Thanks for comment, I'm checking it right now