What is that one product you bought this Thanksgiving that you are excited to use?

Sharath Kuruganty
20 replies
Bonus points if you find it on Product Hunt.


Michael Silber
A ball pit for my toddler 😸 It's starting to get too cold for him to be outside all day, so we're slowly building a Chuck E. Cheese in our apartment
Maciej Cupial
Product Hunt Founder Club :)
Sharath Kuruganty
@maciej_cupial Welcome to the club. I meant literally :)
Brian Harris
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
Farhan Kabir
Bought a pair of Air Jordan. Can't wait to get on the field
Carlo R
if everything can be bought all at once... that would be great
Ashok Parkar
I want to gift something special on thanksgiving day
Reuben Carter
Ooni pizza oven. probably the greatest physical object I have ever bought.
Vladimir Rassokhin
Пока не знаю что за продукт, но поверю отзывам.
Dimitris Karavias
Absolutely nothing and I'm very happy about it
Monil Shah
Pair of WIRED earphones ($13) from CVS. I love not having to worry about battery..
Natallia Rayinchick
It is a great Question! To answer that, we have made an App where people can exchange their honest reviews with friends. Please check it out! It's called Showping. PS: My fav purchase this year is the Eight Sleep system.
Raina Fadel
Luxury area rugs from Cyrus Rugs. Bought it to simply renovate my room (which now my personal working station). Bought it here: https://www.cyrusrugs.com/locati...
Muzamil Safeer
How To Plant Grass Seed On Hard Dirt? It is possible to plant grass seed in hard dirt quite quickly, but it requires patience and dedication. To ensure the soil will support grass, you must prepare it before seeding. https://bestweedandfeed.com/how-...
WVK Kloesel
Minecraft java editon
Dylin Liu
I ordered a Thanksgiving lapel pin and gave it to my staff
Trey Chong
Huawei Watch 3. I like wearables so much, after Apple, Garmin and Amazfit, this is the 4th one.
Aman Srivastava
Well, to be very frank I didn't buy something very expensive, but yes I am excited to use my recent purchase of an outdoor rug. Give it a try, check this amazing company offering a wide range of colours, patterns, and design of rugs: https://www.greendecore.co.uk/co...