What is best strategy to get on top in PH?

Arjun Kava
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Hey, Guys. I am Arjun, CEO @ videosdk.live We started hunting products at the end of 2020. We tried many things here is the list of them, I want to know what you guys have tried and what did work? We have posted https://www.producthunt.com/post... today. 1. Write good and genuine content 2. Design a simple and short video to explain the product. 3. Use titles such as "AWS for video calls", so users can relate to it easily. 4. Send email to all your existing clients and friends to support you. 5. Respond to each and every comment with emoji. 6. Respect both positive and negative feedback. Let me know if you have anything else on your bucket list, Thanks.


Akinori Nakajima
Did lots of good work, all the best @arjun_kava1
Cory Crapes
As someone that is just getting started on this platform I appreciate this thread. Looking forward to figuring this all out. If I find any additional ways I'll be sure to share. @arjun_kava1
Inna Proshkina
Congrats on your launch! Seems like it's a great product with huge market potential!
Linda Liepa
Thank you for your insights! I have found an article by @yehoshua_zlotogorski pretty helpful for a successful launch : https://www.alpeaudio.com/post/i... it was posted on this thread: https://www.producthunt.com/disc...
Tarj Desai
There is one thing I'd like to mention here which can be included in the content point, is that share ideas, discuss challenges & solutions. Be precise & informative in few words that would spark someone to interact more regarding the product & otherwise :)