What is a startup idea you thought may be "bad" but ended up having lots of success?

Youri Nelson
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I am curious to hear stories of makers that had an idea they thought had very little chances of success but ended up being a hit!


David J. Kim
I don't have any myself, but Airbnb & Weebly are good examples (they were roasted a lot in the beginning).
Youri Nelson
@between_team there’s that and also a category of startups that started as side project of another startup and ended up taking the cake so to speak like Twitter and the Ideal lab (i think that was the name).
Youri Nelson
@between_team I heard about it from this podcast "How to Start a Startup" on Alpe app - https://link.alpeaudio.com/70to/... , they talk about lots of startup example and I think talk number 3 refers to the twitter example.